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English /  Italian

www.translation-server.com   English to Italian translations by mother tongue professional translators. Traduzioni dall'inglese all'italiano da parte di traduttori madrelingua


Italian /  German

www.italcom.de   ITALCOM il Vostro servizio di traduzione competente e veloce specializzato nelle direzioni linguistiche italiano - tedesco e tedesco-italiano   ITALCOM Ihr kompetenter und schneller Übersetzungsservice spezialisiert auf die Sprachrichtungen Italienisch - Deutsch und Deutsch - Italienisch


English /  Malay

www.angelfire.com/biz/razin   Pautan ini menerangkan perkhidmatan saya dalam penterjemahan bahas Melayu dan beberapa contoh serta hasil terjemahan


English / Portuguese

www.e-worx.com.br   English / Portuguese  translations by mother tongue professional translators. Over 10 years of experience. Traduções Inglês/Português. Mais de 10 anos de experiência.


English / Dutch

www.geocities.com/Wellesley/Veranda/9764/nolly/ A.E.Nijenhuis, English to Dutch freelance translator, specialized in website translation; Freelance vertaalster van Engels naar Nederlands, gespecialiseerd in website vertalingen


Japanese / English

www.japanese-translating.com   Japanese to English technical translating and editing by a Ph.D. with a scientific background. English is my native language, and I have taught college-level classes on technical and scientific writing.


Italian / Hungarian

www.pagnes.tk Hungarian classic poetry, animated folk tales in Italian. Free e-books. Customized e-book, website and media publishing. Translations Italian/Hungarian.   Poesie dalla letteratura classica ungherese, fiabe popolari animate tradotte in italiano. E-book gratis. Pubblicazione e-book, sito, media su richiesta. Traduzioni italiano/ungherese.   Magyar klasszikus költészet, animált magyar népmesék olaszul. Ingyenes e-book. E-book, media és honlap publikáci?kívánság szerint. Olasz/magyar fordítás.  


English / Arabic

http://translatorosman.8m.com UNESCO, Red Cross and other International organizations expeirenced translator. Fields of  interest include: Social Sciences, Politics,  International Reletaions, Development, Civil Society, History, Archaeology, Egyptology, Information Sciences, Culture, Civilisation, General topics. Always accurate and edited in eloquent style, always on time.

http://www.proz.com/translator/11231 Specialized in political science, economic, and military.


English / Russian

http://www.megaone.com/suitman/contact.htm Russian Expert is at your disposal! All in ONE!
Extremely high quality and fast turnaroud time.
Complex technical En-Ru, Ru-En translation on any subject. Reasonable and flexible fee rates.


English / Macedonian

www.heartwarmers4u.com/members/?diana Diana Golubova - Authorized court translator in Skopje, Macedonia. University degree. Experienced in: legislative, marketing, contracts, laws, education, medicine, software application and localization, etc.


English / French

cgtradmed-com.ifrance.com  EN > FR. Specialty: Only Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology.


English / Spanish

http://www.mincor.net/ I specialize in English to Spanish translation, editing and proofreading.

http://www.traducciones.arqa.com/ Specialized in legal translations.

www.geocities.com/martatradu Your translations from English to Spanish at reasonable prices.

http://www.adaptext.com/ Your Translation and Localization Partner


German / Spanish

www.geocities.com/martatradu Your translations from German to Spanish at reasonable prices.


Dutch / Arabic

www.dreamzsolution.com/arabicred English and Dutch to Arabic translations. Over ten years of experience. Specialized in legal and business documents, websites, literature and psychology. Also a certified memeber of Arab Translators Netwrok. Accuracy and delivery on time guaranteed.


German / Portuguese

sapp.telepac.pt/adgtranslations   Portuguese >German quality translations. Law, economy and finance, tourism, government and politics, culture, web pages. Traduções de qualidade Português>Alemão. Direito, economia e finanças, turismo, governo e política, cultura, páginas web. Qualitätsübersetzungen Portugiesisch>Deutsch. Recht, Wirtschaft und Finanz, Tourismus, Regierung und Politik,web pages.


Portuguese / Russian

www.geocities.com/click2speak/translator.html Professional Translation & Localisation Services. Serviços profissionais de tradução e de localisação.


French / Arabic

http://www.traducteur.8m.com/ Experienced translator, working for international organisations for several years. Traducteur préfére?auprés de l'UNESCO, et travaillant avec plusieurs organisations internationales. Style éloquent, corrécte et toujours ?temps.


English / Hebrew

http://www.a2z-translations.com/  If you need any translation into Hebrew and especially technical texts, you can rely on me. With over 25 years of experience in this profession, I can guarantee top quality work together with strict adherence to delivery dates.  


English / Albanian

www.nickbeqo.com/translations/index.htm  Free-lance interpreter and translator for Albanian/English, English/Albanian, Greek/English and English/Greek. 


English / Greek

http://www.proz.com/pro/44663 Whether for a single word or a book of fiction, translation should combine accuracy with independence in language, to achieve communication and motivation of the reader. 


Japanese / Russian

http://www.proz.com/translator/9192  Japanese into English/Russian technical translator (Russian is my native language) with engineering
background and 35 years of translation experience.


German / Dutch

http://www.peek-language-services.com/  We translate documents, files and websites from: Dutch and German into English and English and German into Dutch.


French / Spanish

www.traduguide.com/tr/751.htm  Full-time freelance translator, editor, proofreader and copywriter. I have a degree in mechanical engineering as well as in translation. Over 11 years experience as a translator, Trados and sensible pricing. My preferred language combinations are English or French into Spanish, and French or Spanish into English. Technical and scientific translations are my forte and my ever growing list of major companies can confirm it. I specialise in English, French and Spanish. Je suis spécialis?dans la langue anglaise, espagnole et française. Soy especialista en lengua francesa e inglesa.


Portoguese / Dutch

http://www.transint.com/ Translations from Dutch to Portuguese.


Japanese / German

http://www.einklang.com/  Native German living since 25 years in Japan, by now working for 18 years as freelance translator. Ich bin gebürtiger Deutscher und lebe seit 25 Jahre in Japan, wo ich auch seit 18 Jahren unseren Lebensunterhalt als freiberuflicher Übersetzer verdiene.


Dutch / Spanish

http://proz.com/pro/10874 Translations from Dutch to Spanish.


Portuguese / Spanish

http://proz.com/pro/10874 Translations from Portuguese to Spanish.


German / Romanian

www.foreignword.biz/cv/6674.htm Translations from German to Romanian.


English / Romanian

www.foreignword.biz/cv/6674.htm Translations from English to Romanian.


Spanish / Russian

www.proz.com/pro/27728 Denis Volkov, expert in language technologies. Translations from Spanish to Russian.


English / Farsi

www.farsi-freelance.com Personal Website of Rahi S. Moosavi, native Iranian translator and engineer. English to Farsi and Farsi to English Translations only. Personal translation services with special expertise in commercial, technical and legal texts


Italian / Albanian

http://utenti.lycos.it/GinoLuka/ Traduzioni ed interpretariato Italiano><Albanese, traduzioni Inglese>Albanese. Përkthime dhe interpretime Italisht><Shqip, përkthime Anglisht>Shqip.


Italian / Russian

www.foreignword.com/cv/document_1492.htm Russian - Italian (native) translator.


English / Slovak

www.ba.telecom.sk/knapp Dipl.Ing. Ladislav Knapp - Technical English - Slovak Translation.


English / Swedish

http://www.lodilo.com/  Translation from English into Swedish, specializing in environment, transport, research, society, management, chemistry and
technology etc. Also linguistic checking of Swedish texts.
Översättning från engelska med specialkompetens inom milj? transport, forskning, samhälle, administration, kemi, teknik etc. Även språkgranskning av svenska texter.


English / Brazilian

http://www.wsconsulting.com.au/ Translation of any type of text from English into Brazilian Portuguese


French / Portoguese

www.proz.com/pro/19973 Translation of medical reports, technical and marketing brochures for multinational companies and every kind of document in th e areas of Medicine, Marketing,Politics, Technical literature, Linguistics, Tourism, Culture, Art, Human rights


French / Romanian

www.geocities.com/onniex Freelance translator/editor/interpreter since 1998.

http://traduroumain.ifrance.com/ Traductions assermentées et interpretariat du et vers le roumain, le français et l'anglais. Traduceri legalizate si interpretariat din si catre limba româna, franceza si engleza.


German / French

http://www.fatilinguas.com/ Punctual translations in different areas such as legal (for a Lawyer office), commercial and technical.


German / Hebrew

www.Proz.com/translator/28402 Architecture, civil engineering, building materials, chemistry and chemical technology, chemicals, mechanical and technological equipment history and archaeology, history of fine arts.


English / Hindi

www.geocities.com/legosindia We introduce ourselves as Experienced Linguists. We offer interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive), translation, editing, voiceovers, coaching and placement services for all recognized Indian languages.


English / Polish

www.pipeline.com.au/users/tesa Teresa Goscinska, PhD. Accredited NAATI Polish Native Translator. Engineer with PhD in Chemistry & Material Engineering.


Italian / French

http://berthelot.paul.free.fr/ Master in Technical and Editorial Translation in French Language.


English / Chinese

http://www.china-w.com/ Our translation teams offer professional translation services to all customers. We can handle all your English to Chinese (GB/BIG5) and Chinese to English translation work.


English / German

www.getscorp.com Professional German to US English. Native speaker with over 15 years experience. Degree in languages and finance. Deutsch Englisch Diplom Uebersetzer. 15+ Erfahrung. Diplom in Sprachen und Finanzwesen.


English / Bulgarian

http://www.ri3s.co.uk/ Translation and Interpreting from and to Bulgarian; English; Portuguese and Spanish of documents, contracts and web-sites, as well as during business meetings and visits to London.


Italian / Greek

http://www.e-passport.it/gdlingue/ Greek to Italian translations.


Spanish / Greek

www.geocities.com/grtranslations.geo/Greek_Translations.html Quality Translations with GREEK sense!


French / Hebrew

http://foreignword.biz/cv/4894.htm Translating & Interpreting: Law, business, accounting, IT, press coverage, Judaism, social sciences, humanities, poetry, general.


French / Chinese

http://icommunication.free.fr Services pour votre communication avec la Chine. Services for your communication with China.


English / Finnish

http://www.transco-op.fi/ The Translators' Co-operative of Finland is a reliable and dependable solution provider for this target language.


English / Czech

http://www.condak.cz/ "Have fun and Wordfast"


Russian / Ukrainian

www.ruslan.com Certified Translation Expert ¨C Russian to English, English to Russian, Ukrainian to English. Top quality, reasonable rates.

French translation, Dallas, Texas
Translation company in Dallas, Texas. Text and document translation from and into Russian, English, German, French and more languages.




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